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The connection between client satisfaction and client loyalty has been proved by many studies. Satisfaction measurement is a management tool of central importance when a company invests effort to improve the services and products it provides its clients.

The company has been specializing for over twenty years in collecting information and marketing research, including undercover client services, monitoring the retail space and surveys.

We provide products for producing business insights, essential for the business’s efficiency and growth and preservation of its achievements.

Undercover client

A system that gives an objective estimate by examining the way the organization implements its organizational language amongst its employees. The system reports different knowledge and assimilation gaps and supplies reports on all aspects of management, service and sales within the client infrastructure.

The undercover client inspection is conducted in several manners:

  • Frontal / telephone

  • Open – Immediate inspection

  • filmed

Market research/ Surveys

Surveys in this competitive era are a highly valuable means of communication. Good understanding of your clients’ needs, which reflect their ideals, identifying unsatisfied demands and areas for improvement and maintenance will enable the company a deeper and more reliable connection with their clients.

The surveys are conducted in the following manners: Internet/ Telephone/ Frontal

Types of Surveys:

  • Focus groups
  • Satisfaction surveys for clients/ employees

  • Marketing and selling-point surveys

  • Marketing research for characterizing product potential and brand perception

Retail space inspections

You know what you planned for your shelves, but do you really know what is happening out there?
For distribution and manufacturing companies, sale points are the place where client connections are formed.

Using advanced innovative technology, we provide an accurate picture of the appearance and availability of products at the sale points, in order to analyze and monitor program implementation and decision making in real time.

  • Inspection of planogram implementation using image recognition technology from the family planorama
  • Analyzing shelf space and availability of items

  • Sale promotion and attendant inspection

  • Visual commercialization inspections

Quality assurance and food safety inspections

To guarantee your clients quality food, we offer a comprehensive consulting plan in the field of quality assurance and food safety, taking strict care to maintain international sanitary and regulatory standards. The consultations are given by licensed veterinarians recognized by the Ministry of Health, to monitor weak points and receive data for creating a safe work area with food.

The inspection includes:

  • A comprehensive examination of kitchen activit

  • Training employees on manners of food treatment

  • Bacterial examinations according to IOS/ IEC 17025 regulations

  • A summarized report of all sanitary deficiencies and required improvements

Instructing organizations in implementation and assimilation

As a senior and leading company, we believe that uncompromising instruction and comprehensive responses while going into details from the phase of diagnosis and creating the organizational language and standards to the stage of process analysis and examination bring about improvement, sales increase and client satisfaction.

  • Service and organizational sales coordinators, using outsourcing

  • Consultation and guidance in the fields of service and sale processes

  • Consultations and trainings for food safety

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