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The group logo_small provides a professional package of services for various departments in the following fields: Retail, banking, fashion, gas and energy, transport, industry, tourism, food and more. The group focuses on two main areas and is managed by two professional departments.

We are here to improve service and sales and reduce business losses.

לקוח סמוי

For over twenty years we’ve been specializing in data collection and marketing research. Including undercover client services, monitoring retail space and conducting surveys. We provide products for producing business insights that are essential for efficiency, business growth and preserving achievements.

With our insights you can reach your goals.

קרת מניעת אובדן עסקי

The group has been specializing for over 20 years in reducing business losses and efficiently treating business threats Locating the causes of spillovers including establishing and monitoring security systems, risk surveys, employee reliability tests and implementation of work regulations.

Our goal is one —protecting the company’s profitability and its assets.

The modern business world is a world of expertise. Here at  we have an expertise! Actually, even two of them!

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